Tall Girl Probs.

Hey, hey, hey! Today's post is a bit more fun after the awareness month - put a bit of happiness back into my corner of the world wide web. Well, some happiness anyway because it's all about being a tall bird. And if you fit into that category, you'll know that being tall isn't all … Continue reading Tall Girl Probs.


LIMF 2017

Hiya again! This blog post is going to be a fun one, I've been itching to write it since Sunday night when I climbed into bed absolutely finished after the amount of shimmying I'd done at LIMF. "What is LIMF?" I hear you all ask. Well, LIMF stands for Liverpool International Music Festival and it's … Continue reading LIMF 2017

My Top 10 Films…

Hello, blogging world! Lately, I'm really enjoying making lists and writing blogs containing "Top 10/20 ___". So if you haven't already guessed by the title, today's post is all about my favourite films. They're in no particular order because it's just impossible to rank them as they're all fabulous in their own right. 1. The … Continue reading My Top 10 Films…