A – Z Of Things I Love…

Hello, you lovely lot!
Today’s post is another one which allows you to get to know me a little bit better, as you’ve probably guessed from the title.
I saw this on another blog a while ago (I can’t remember where but if it’s yours, let me know and I’ll give you credit!), and I loved it so I thought I’d have a little go myself.

Here goes!

They tell you so much about someone, but they’re so simple. My personal favourites are Irish, Scouse and Geordie.

If everything in the world tasted (or smelled) like bubblegum, I’d still never get bored of the flavour. Bubblegum forever.

Cuddles: Whether they’re coming from your partner, your family or your friends, a cuddle makes everything better.


Find me something better.


Drawing: I’ve spent way too many hours doodling away, but drawing is so therapeutic and my own little world of creativity.

Exercise: Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy and I always feel so much better for being up and about. Exercise doesn’t have to be anything hard, or hideous, or sweaty. A simple walk in the park does you the world of good.


The only thing I was imagining as I typed this.


Friends and Family: 
I am very lucky to have a fabulous support network in both my family and my friends. They’ve gotten me through so much and I’d be so lost without them. Definitely, my number one loves in life.

Girls: My girlfriends are honestly, the best girlfriends a girl could wish for. There for me no matter what, day or night, no matter how big or small the problem. Superstars!

Happiness: I love, love, love seeing happy faces. I love making others happy. I love being happy. I wish the world was a happier place. Laughter is the worlds best medicine and happiness is so beautiful.

Ireland: I won’t rabbit on too much about it, but Ireland is 100% my happy place. I’d love to live there one day. Anywhere in Ireland. It’s such a beautiful country (both north and south). I’m obsessed.


Imagine not loving a place with little gems like this. 😍


Jokes: Preferably dad jokes. But I laugh at anything so you could entertain me with any kind of joke, to be fair, providing it’s not highly offensive.

Kids: Babies and children are just so sweet and innocent. I love teenagers too. I think I just like watching people grow and figure out who they are, I like seeing life. Which is why I can’t wait to teach and help little humans grow into these amazing beings, whether they become footballers or princesses or pirates.

Liverpool: Born and raised, my home city, the love of my life. Other than Ireland, there’s no place I’d rather be. The people are friendly, the nightlife is fab, the shops are alright and the docks are gorgeous. We’ve got so many hidden gems in this city, you’d be crazy not to love it.


There are so many gorgeous places in our city. Lucky to live in such a beautiful place.


McCooleys: An Irish bar in Liverpool, what more could a girl want? And if you get their student card then you can even get £2 pints. Winner winner!

Nails: Nothing beats a fresh set to make you feel a little more human.

Orangutans: They’re basically monkeys but they’re ginger. Like me now it’s had a dye (even more so next week when I’ve payed my hair dresser a well overdue visit)
Oh, can we also petition for ginger emojis? Thank you. #TeamGinge

Pyjamas: They’re the most comforting thing on the planet. Coming home from a long day at uni/work and getting showered and putting fresh pyjamas on is so amazing. Or, just spending all day in your PJs? Bliss.

Quotes: There just seems to be a lovely quote for every situation.


One of my favourite quotes, I’m all for a bit of self-love.


Reading: Preferably on a rainy day, with fresh bedding and some munchies. There’s just something about mentally teleporting to a whole new world.

Singing: I wish we could all sing 24/7, because I do it anyway and then it’d be deemed normal. I’m also that friend who randomly sings songs relating to the conversation, or joins in with shop music and gets told to shush. Yeah, I’m that mate.


There is probably a photo like this, of me, somewhere in the world.


Tinkerbell/Tattoos: I love them both more than you’d even imagine. Tinkerbell is like my spirit fairy. And tattoos are just amazing. That “pain” is therapeutic and the outcome is always beautiful.

Underwear that matches: I cannot leave the house without matching underwear. Ando on the rare occasion that I have to, it’ll stress me out all day.

Whether it be the volume of your music or the volume of your hair, the higher the better.

Wine: Preferably rosé but white will do. Red gives me headaches though so hold that one.

X’s and O’s: I love kisses and cuddles. Any sign of affection is lovely. The world needs more love. And peace. But lots of love.

You: I love you lot. Without you, I’d be writing to nobody. And while I write for myself, it’s nice to know people actually read my ramblings.

Zzz’s: It’s now twenty minutes past midnight so I’m going to click save and catch some beauty sleep. Is there anything better than a good nights sleep?


With love & laughter,
Hayley @ Spoonful of Scouse


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