John Lewis: Clarins Beauty Event

Happy Friday!
This week has dragged itself out and it’s seemed to have gone on forever, but the weekend is here and so is my latest blog post.
It’s been a while longer than I’d have liked but I took a little time out to get my head in the game properly and this post is going to be fabulous!


I got over excited with my light box.

On Wednesday 30th August, I was lucky enough to attend my first ever bloggers event, a Clarins beauty event/masterclass/workshop which took place inside John Lewis at Liverpool One. The event was hosted by a lovely lady named Danielle, a fellow scouse bird, so give her blog a look over at because she is fabulous.


I decided I take my best friend along with me, mostly because I was a little nervous about not knowing anyone there, but also because who doesn’t like tagging along to skincare events?! Including my friend, Danielle and myself, there were about a handful of other beautiful bloggers (and their friends too) and we were soon introduced to the Clarins brand; where they came from, what they stood for and what sort of products they created.

Clarins isn’t a brand I’d used before – the Clarins employer actually mentioned that the younger generations seem to have developed this stereotype of Clarins being “something you buy your nan” – and she was so right. It just wasn’t a brand that called out to me when I was skincare shopping.
In all honesty, I’m more of a bargain hunter and before you roll your eyes and give me a lecture about investing in my skin, you can find some fantastic products from brands that are deemed more “high street” than “high cost”. But with that being said, on the rare times I do fork out and spend a little extra, I certainly don’t reach for Clarins – probably because it’s known to be something you buy your nan.

However, spend a couple of hours watching a girl get a facial and listen to those Clarins girls inform you about the brand and your mind will change. I am definitely more open to buying products from “old” brands. Anti-ageing products are essential for everyone y’know!

As I’ve just mentioned, the Clarins girls talked through a number of products before applying them to Danielle’s friends face. Some of the products were passed around and we all got to have a little “taster”, to see that Clarins really is gorgeous.
The first product discussed was the trend that’s currently taking the beauty world by storm. Multi-masking. This is when you apply several different masks to different areas of the face to target different needs.
If we relate this to the Clarins products, it would mean that no two people are the same and that everyone would have a unique, personalised beauty routine to suit their own skincare needs.

As a little side note, I must say I loved how the Clarins girls talked us through how to use each product and explained exactly how to get the best from it, ensuring we knew what it was for. If you’re anything like me, walking up to a beauty counter can be terrifying and you just have zero idea what half of the items even are, let alone where they belong and what they’ll do for you. It’s enough to make anyone run for the exit and stick to a standard face mask after a good old cleanse. (FYI, those facemasks? Well, it’s all about the patting and tapping motions!)

The star of the show by far was Clarins Double Serum. This improved version welcomes the power of turmeric (that word was mentioned way too many times, believe me) which is perfect for anti ageing! It helps to tighten pores, gives your skin that glowy look we’re all longing for and it even reduces wrinkles.
But that’s not all girls and boys, oh no, this product can work wonders in all kinds of places. It can be used on your hair, nails, face, mixed in with your body cream, hand cream – anything! A few people, including Danielle, sung this products praises and vouched that it was definitely worth the money.

I loved learning more about Clarins both as a brand and what they aim to do as I’d never really looked in to them before. My favourite products to learn about were the collections of ‘Boosters’ which can be added into your face mask or your moisturisers to give that extra wow factor we all need from time to time.
The lovely Clarins girls showed off the ‘Energy Booster,’ –  calling it ‘Lucozade for your skin’ as, just like Lucozade, it has the ability to help fight that dull, fatigued look. And I think I speak on behalf of everyone there, it looked amazing. I repeat, amazing. It really did. One drop of oil would be plenty and you’d still get long-lasting results that we all long for.

I think it goes without saying that the night was a success for both Danielle and the gorgeous team at the Clarins Spa and beauty counter over at John Lewis in Liverpool One. We were even lucky enough to have a mini quiz at the end where we all had the chance to win goodies AS WELL AS receiving a mini gift bag of goodies to take home with us. I’m definitely looking forward to sampling them and who knows, maybe I’ll even make a purchase or two in the future.



If this blog post has inspired you to want to know a little more about Clarins and what they have to offer, you can find the Clarins BeautyBar on the 1st Floor of John Lewis in Liverpool One, South John Street.


With love & laughter,
Hayley @ Spoonful of Scouse

*This post is not sponsored.*


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