Achieving Those Goals!

Hello, you lovely lot!

For today’s post, I’ve decided to talk a little bit about career goals and how I plan on reaching my own goal.
Some of you may or may not know that I aspire to be a special needs teacher in the future. That’s my ultimate goal. And I do have a lot of experience in that field – I worked voluntarily in a SEN school for a few months during my time at college. Shortly after that I went on and became a paid teaching assistant for an agency in Liverpool.
I also have personal experience in that field as my own younger sibling identifies as PMLD (profound and multiple learning difficulties), as she has many different impairments and special needs. She’s also labelled as “severely disabled”. So my home life has also helped me gain experience on what it means to be disabled, and how to treat those with additional needs.

Getting to my goal hasn’t been easy.
It’s never been unbelievably hard, it’s always been somewhat manageable but it’s never been a walk in the park.

I left secondary/high school with good final grades in my GCSE’s and went on to study Level 3 childcare in my local community college.
But I hated it.
The course was set up so that I’d spend one week in college and the following week in placement (alternate weeks) which would have been fine if I liked my placement. I won’t name names because the nursery itself was good, the children were well looked after and that’s what matters most. But, the staff weren’t very friendly to one another, there was constant bitchiness, two-faced women and it was just a negative setting. This would have been something I’d have been ok to deal with, but these women seemed to think I was somewhat “lower” than them and as a result they gave me all the jobs they didn’t want to do – cleaning baby sick, wiping bums, cleaning soggy foods, washing bottles, etc. whilst they got the time to cuddle babies and play with children.
I wouldn’t mind this now and then, but this was every single time I was at placement. And bare in mind I had tasks I had to do and complete in order to pass my course, yet my “key-worker” didn’t really make time for me to do these and I ended up failing a module. So by February, I dropped out.

However, while I decided that one particular childcare course wasn’t for me, I wasn’t going to let that stop me aiming for my goal of being a teacher. Instead, I decided to go back to that college in September and begin my AS Levels.
But that took a sour turn too.
Leading to and during my exam period I went through quite a messy breakup with a boy who is now referred to as “psycho-ex” by my friends (we split in May and he stalked me – like left me over 80 missed calls and 160 texts a day, knew where I was and who I was with at all times, kinda stalked me – until January the following year). Because of the stress of not only going through a breakup but dealing with a weird stalking situation, I ended up leaving first year of A-Levels (AS Levels) with two D’s and two U’s, clearly not great. And while I could have re-sat exams or the entire year, I was left a little disheartened and decided that A-Levels were going great for me.

I was determined to get the grades I needed to go on into university somehow. So, I started a Level 3 Health and Social Care course. And I loved it.
I was predicted to leave the course with DMM (the equivalent of A B B) but I left with DDM (the equivalent of A A B) which I was chuffed with!
Not only had I smashed my goal grades but I’d also received offers from all 3 uni’s I applied to!! (Usually you get 5 choices but I only took 3 as I wanted to stay at home and not leave Liverpool).

So now I’m currently studying Disability Studies in Education (which has Special Educational Needs in with it) at Liverpool Hope University and I couldn’t be happier.
This course is 3 years long and once that’s complete I’ll then hopefully go on to a PGCE course for one more year to gain a teaching qualification.
But after so many setbacks, I’m so happy to finally be where I want to be and to be back on track to becoming a SEN teacher.

I guess my advice to anyone who seems to be struggling is this:
Don’t give up on goals. No matter how many setbacks life throws at you. If you want something enough, keep going. Work at it. Get back up. Smash through the setbacks. Find a new route to take. Take the scenic route if need be.
Because once you get to your goal, it feels amazing. You feel accomplished. You feel proud of yourself because you worked damn hard!

Nothing happens overnight.
Goals take time.
But they’re worth it.

With love & laughter,
Hayley @ Spoonful of Scouse.


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