Facts About Me.

Hello again,
I’ve not actually been tagged to do this post, but I thought it would mix it up a little.
This is because I’m currently supposed to be revising for my first-year uni exams, but I got bored and decided to take a break, so I thought it would be fun to do a more personal post until I think of something else to blog about!
If you want to do this tag yourself, then I tag YOU!
#1 I am a natural blonde, yet if I stripped my hair I doubt it’d be blonde anymore.
#2  I am fairly tall for a female at 5ft 9″
 #3 I am born and raised in Liverpool
#4 In total I have 5 piercings (2 lobes, helix, tragus and stomach)
#5 I love drawing – I may even upload a few sketches one day
#6 I am a dog person, definitely not a cat person
#7 I have so many siblings! 1 full sister, 2 half-sisters and 2 half-brothers.. as well as a step brother and step sister
#8 My favourite drink is milkshake
#9 My favourite colour is red or pink
#10 I am a Disability Studies in Education and Special Educational Needs student
#11 I would love for my career to be in teaching, but growing up I wanted to be a nurse (until I developed a phobia of blood, ew)
#12 I am 21 years old
#13 I’ve not been abroad. Ever. Unless you include going to Dublin in 2016? I mean, they have a different currency, does that count?
#14 I am open to trying new products and going out of my comfort zone
#15 I seem to feel the cold very easily, you’ll see me wrapped up a lot
#16 When I’m bored, I go on random shopping websites and add everything I love to the basket, then close the tab. I should probably stop because it makes me sad knowing I can’t afford everything.
#17 I’m an auntie to 11 nieces and nephews – I first became an auntie at the age of 6 to twin boys!
#18 My favourite author is Nicholas Sparks, but Billy Taylor did win my heart with “Just Friends”. If you love romance books then check both of these guys out. I’m hooked.
#19 I hiccup EVERY day. People rarely believe it until they’re with me for a long time, but I don’t know how to stop it!
#20 I was a SEN teaching assistant for a while before I went to uni (voluntary work at first and then crept into agency work as supply staff) but I can’t wait to be the teacher with my own assistant.
#21 I’ve never climbed a tree before. Seriously feel like I’m missing out but I just couldn’t get the hang of it as a child. All my friends (yes, they were boys, my estate is small and there were few girls) would be up the trees and I’d just be waiting at the bottom.
#22 My hair used to be naturally straight but slowly began to curl/wave from the age of around 17 onwards. I have no idea how it’s happened.
#23 I have one kidney and no tonsils or adenoids – I had them all removed when I was younger.
#24 I dream of living in Ireland one day. I’m obsessed.
#25 I come from a single parent family which isn’t as easy as people think.
#26 I don’t like having my feet out in public but won’t wear anything on them indoors. I also HATE looking at other people’s feet. Makes me feel weird.
#27 I live for wine.
#28 If I’m not going out that day, I’ll shower and put fresh pj’s on and wear them all day. Call me lazy, but it’s so comfy.
#29 I wish I had blue eyes – I find Hazel so boring.
#30 I’m addicted to all things bubblegum.
#31 My initials are HAM. I think my parents hate me. :’)
#34 I used to think it was only called Hayfever because my name is Hayley. I thought that if someone else had it, then it’d match their name too. (E.g Megan would have Megfever, Danielle would have Danfever, etc.)
#35 I’m possibly addicted to tattoos – I currently have 3 but have so many more planned for the near future.
#36 When I was little I couldn’t pronounce my little sisters name so used to go around shouting Flow-ee instead of Chloe.
#37 My dad was friends with George Harrison growing up – they played football together as he lived in the next street to my dad. #ClaimToFame
#38 My fave tv shows are Hollyoaks, Gossip Girl, Sons of Anarchy, My Mad Fat Diary, Skins, Misfits and Prison Break.
#39 I’m so scared of failing university.
#40 I am very sarcastic and sometimes people don’t realise I’m being sarcastic which leads to so much awkwardness.
#41 I used to find it really difficult to accept a compliment, but recently I’ve started to just say “thanks” and it feels good!
#42 I have no time for attention seekers and drama queens unless they are in need of genuine help. Just be yourself, don’t pretend to be someone else.
#43 I already have my future childrens names planned out but hate telling people “in case they rob my idea”.
#44 I HATE all hot drinks. I don’t know why because when I was little I LOVED tea, but since I was about 6/7, I can’t bare any hot drink.
#45 I’m so obsessed with the sky and the Earth, I just find it so beautiful.
I tag anyone to do this, it didn’t take as long as you’d think and it was so much fun!
 With love & laughter,
Hayley @ Spoonful of Scouse

2 thoughts on “Facts About Me.

  1. Steph says:

    What a fun post! I personally love reading these kinds posts, and once did a similar (but a bit different) one myself. I’ll leave the link here incase you wanna see what I mean: http://www.socialspying.com/2017/03/get-to-know-me-z-of-steph.html

    What flavour of milkshake is your favourite? my ‘go-to’ has been and always will be chocolate.
    Love that cute story about not being able to say your sister’ name. Do you still call he ‘Flow-ee’? I probably still would!

    Also, great ending to your posts!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Spoonful of Scouse says:

      Ah thanks for the lovely message Steph! I’ll definitely check your post out too.

      My favourite milkshake will forever be bubblegum! Bubblegum everything, always. I have a gross story about chocolate milkshake but I’ll save that for another post.
      I call her it sometimes and she still responds – it’s like she remembers! But she’s severely disabled so we’ll never know for sure, unfortunately.

      Thanks again for the great comment.

      With love & laughter,
      Hayley @ Spoonful of Scouse


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