It’s been a while, but with exams starting next week I am up the wall with revision. Which is a shame because this weather is gorgeous and I just want to sunbathe.

However, it’s not all too bad because…

Fairly recently, I was contacted by an online boutique asking whether or not I’d be interested in reviewing some items from their online store.
As I’m sure you all know, the first time you’re contacted to collab with a business (no matter how big or small) is a very exciting time. However, there’s very little point in collabing if the business has nothing to do with your blog, or if you’re just collabing for the sake of collabing.
You have to be interested!

So, after a short conversation and a little search of what they had to offer, we came to an agreement. Boutique of Molly is a gorgeous little store, with even more fabulous clothes and bags – and it’s all affordable too which was a bonus!

But just to make things even better, the girls managing the Twitter page (the ones who were contacting me) were really friendly. I must have asked about a million questions and they were always quick to reply with a friendly vibe which made you feel like you weren’t pestering them too much. This is something which I personally find really important as if a company is a little bit rude or unprofessional before your package even arrives, imagine how much of a nightmare they’d be if you ever had any problems with their items! But the BOM girls weren’t like this at all, they were really helpful and always seemed happy to help.

I was actually shocked at how quick the delivery was as I had my items the very next day and they come in lovely pink packaging too. Very girly!

I’d ordered a top called “Cara” which I feel was more for going out – parties, clubbing, etc – but in summer weather with a pair of jeans and some nice shoes it could be worn as casual attire too. I’d also ordered a little black bag called “Milan” at the time (now up on the website as “Marseille” which again could be worn as either casual or more dressy attire.

(For the time being, all photos are the property of the boutique as I haven’t had a chance to get a photo of them both just yet!)

I chose these items as they were both pieces which immediately caught my eye when scrolling through Boutique of Molly’s web page.
I wore both of my items the night that they arrived as it was student week, and of course, I was heading out.

The top is plain white which would have usually seemed like a little bit of a boring or safe option, however because of the style it looked fabulous as soon as I could get it out of the packaging for a closer look. I bought a size 10, as when I spoke to the girls they informed me that the 10 in this particular item would be like wearing a large size 8 (I decided to ask as I’m a pretty awkward size, if the UK had a size 9 clothing for women then I’d probably be in it).
It was a comfy fit, and although it seemed like a summery looking top with it being off the shoulder and very little to the back, it was still warm as the material was quite thick. This was just another bonus for me because I’m the kind of girl who hates wearing jackets on a night out. I was complimented all night on how lovely my top was and how I wasn’t too casual – I teamed it with leggings and little black boots as well as my “Milan” bag – yet I wasn’t over the top either. After all, how many students really make an effort when going out on a casual night out.


The bag was the item which really surprised me!
I expected it to be a fair bit smaller than it was, as its quite a long bag but then I opened it up and was even more surprised with how spacious it is despite it being more of a clutch size bag. I managed to fit almost everything except the kitchen sink inside – my makeup, perfume, a hairbrush, my purse (one of River Island’s larger purses), my phone, my keys, my ID and my bus ticket into town. There was probably more, but from the top of my head, that’s alls I can think of that I take on every night out. Yet despite having all this inside, there was still plenty of room for more belongings if I’d needed any.

Overall, I loved both of my pieces and I’d definitely recommend this beautiful boutique to any of my family and friends, not just you lot online.

The top costs £24.95 and the bag cost £35 at the time but since the name change has been reduced to £30.
However, with my code “DOLLYD20” you can receive 20% off – thank me later.
The code can be used on any item so definitely take a look on their website and their Twitter profile. I’ll be leaving links to these pages just below.

Boutique of Molly on Twitter.
Boutique of Molly’s webpage.

Thankyou Boutique of Molly for my gorgeous items and if anyone does order from these gorgeous girls, let me know what you think!

With love & laughter,
Hayley @ Spoonful of Scouse


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