Hello, you gorgeous lot!

This blog post is possibly going to be quite a long read so I apologize in advance to anyone who loses interest halfway through – but I do have a couple of explanations to make and a few bits and bobs to update you all on.

First things first, you’re probably all wondering what the hell “Spoonful of Scouse” is, what it means, and all that palaver but you’re also probably wondering where Dolly Daydream has disappeared to. Am I right, or am I right?
Well, all shall be revealed.

Spoonful of Scouse is a little bit of a jokey (and somewhat clever), play on words. Some of you may already know, but I am a “spoonie” which basically means, I’m a person who has a chronic illness. I’ll explain more about this and my particular illness in another blog post, hopefully, one day fairly soon. So, this is where the “spoonful” came from.
Now, scouse is also a play on words a little because, in my hometown (or should I say city) of Liverpool, scouse is a dish which is very similar to a stew, but a million times better – because it’s scouse.

And everyone obviously eats it with a spoon. See where I’m going here? But, also, scouse is also the term used to describe our accents or the people who live here are “scouse”/”scousers” (or the brows, anything that really originates in Liverpool is deemed as “scouse”) so it’s a little play on that too.
Basically, the blog name describes me without actually describing me. I hope that makes some sense!

Now, as for Dolly Daydream, unfortunately, she is no more.
I decided that the name seemed a little child like, and my blog isn’t really a page that’s child-friendly – that’s not to say it’s not suitable for children sometimes, but it’s not all about CBeebies and the latest action/barbie figures. So, I decided to have a little change and come up with a name that’s more suited to not only my blog but to myself too. That way, if more people read, they won’t just know me as “Dolly” but they’ll potentially know my real-life, birth name of Hayley.
So, Dolly is gone and Spoonful of Scouse is born.

As for the blog content, it’s mostly going to be about my own personal lifestyle – being someone who is chronically ill but also a student, maybe a little on my love life (depending on how exciting that is), days with family and friends and any other adventures I may go on. Just all “normal” things you’d expect from a 21-year-old female.

Hopefully, you’ll all stick around and enjoy my future blog posts (and this one too!) and we can all become fabulous friends because I love when bloggers unite and beautiful friendships are created.

One last thing; be sure to follow my Twitter and Instagram page also – the links are below in the blog footer (or on the writing of “Twitter” and “Instagram”) and I’ll give you a follow back.
I’m also now over on BlogLovin’ and the link is just here – Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Much love,
Hayley @ Spoonful of Scouse


2 thoughts on “I’M GOING BACK TO THE START

    • Spoonful of Scouse says:

      Thanks so much for your comment, and for taking the time to read my blog post!
      I’m just happy it’s finally done – I started over on blogspot, changed over to WordPress in August 2016 and finally updated everything this month. Fingers crossed it all goes well from here on out!


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