The Meaning Behind The Name.

Hey, hey, hey! Today's post is somewhat short and sweet and it's all about what my blog name actually means. So let's get straight to it... As you know the name is "Spoonful of Scouse" and really, it's just a simple play on words. Scouse is not only the name of the accent which comes … Continue reading The Meaning Behind The Name.


The Reality of Having a Sibling Labelled PMLD.

Hello again! Today's post is a little bit more serious and "real" than my usual ones. It's a personal post and one that some people may consider as a bit of a taboo topic. It's a topic that not many people talk about very often, although we probably should. It's the topic of having a … Continue reading The Reality of Having a Sibling Labelled PMLD.

Gym Thoughts.

Hello there! So we're finally back at university after a long summer (honestly, towards the end it got boring), and every¬†fucker seems to be back in the uni gym regretting that extra glass of wine and that Chinese takeaway they probably shouldn't have ordered last weekend. And whilst I'm at the gym, trying to motivate … Continue reading Gym Thoughts.



H E L L O. I haven't posted in a while as life as a second year is a little hectic at the minute, but while I have today off uni without any work to do, I thought I'd post a quick update for you all. First and foremost, I have to just announce that … Continue reading A QUICK LIFE UPDATE…


A – Z Of Things I Love…

Hello, you lovely lot! Today's post is another one which allows you to get to know me a little bit better, as you've probably guessed from the title. I saw this on another blog a while ago (I can't remember where but if it's yours, let me know and I'll give you credit!), and I … Continue reading A – Z Of Things I Love…